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Mad In Pursuit Energy Cards & Artist's Adventure Kit

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56 2-1/4x3-3/8 cards, with decorative backs, to print and cut out. Plus 5 reference pages for inspiration and guidance. $5 56 mini-cards (1-1/2 x 2-1/4) to print and cut out. Plus two reference pages. FREE.

56 large 4x6 cards to print on index cards or photo paper. Plus 3 reference cards. FREE.

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DOWNLOAD PDF from Scribd


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THE ARTIST (anyone who takes creativity seriously). YOU. Do you need to begin a new project or rediscover your mission? Or maybe you don't know where the heck you are in your creative cycle? You need a map, a framework, a tool to orient you and to remind you that the art life is a process and not an event.

card deckDownload your MAD IN PURSUIT ENERGY CARD deck -- 56 cards, representing 14 stations of your journey and 4 energy states.[1]

Open yourself to all the energies of the universe, beyond your chattering thought generator. Consider your muse.

Shuffle the cards. Choose three at random.

clueless understanding vulnerable

PAST (previous state or influence)


FUTURE (risk or opportunity)

What do the words and pictures suggest? Tell a story. Get back to work.

For further guidance continue below.

Energy Card

energy card annotated

  • Look at the word and picture? What do they suggest?
  • Check out the corresponding questions on the Master Chart (below).
  • Is it night (addressing your inner journey) or day (addressing your fulfillment in the world)?
  • What station are you in?
  • What is your energy state?


Master Chart

The Master Chart pulls it all together into a system. (Click on image below to view full size.)

master chart

The Master Chart is a map of the artist's journey through the dark private journey of accepting and understanding your mission and the bright worldly journey of realizing it. There are 14 STATIONS along the way.

Each station states the challenge in the form of a question.

The FOUR DESCRIPTIVE WORDS at each station refer to the four possible ENERGY STATES you bring to the challenge (shown below). The one you choose will get you thinking.

card suits

The COLOR BARS represent a very simplified framework of energy centers based on Asian esoteric traditions and popularized in New Age literature. (See Chakra presentation.)

  • The 7 ENERGY WHEELS (or CHAKRAS) are located within our "subtle body"and are associated with the colors shown here.
  • Locations along the spine are listed on the far left of the color bars.
  • Associated traditional elements are listed on the far right side of the bars.
  • The energy wheels communicate in an ascending path associated with the liberation of the unconscious realm (left side of chart)
  • They also communicate in a descending path associated with manifestation or fulfillment in the world (right side of chart)
  • Therefore, they help establish the 14 STATIONS of the journey.



The tortured artist can tough it out alone in the dark forest of her night. But it's helpful to consider what mentors may actually be traveling the road with you. Who is your Muse or Spirit Guide today? The energy that you bring to this relationship will affect your experience... and might affect the power of your final creative work.



Joseph Campbell, Hero With A Thousand Faces (1949). (Link) This analysis of world mythologies develops the theory of the hero's adventure. Linked to Jungian psychology.

Lewis Hyde, The Gift: Creativity and the Artist in the Modern World. Source of ideas about the muse, which he refers to as the daemon or genius.

George Pólya, How To Solve It (1944). Source of the "learning cycle": Understand, Plan, Do, Reflect.

Readings about chakras, a way of thinking about the body's energy centers originating in India and used in various spiritual and healing traditions.

See also: The Artist's Adventure Resource Page

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Aren't we always the hero of our own adventure?




[1] Print and cut out cards as needed.