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FishingFoul Hook: My Fishing Lesson

This is a true story -- from back when I discovered there were actually game fish in the stream that wound behind the neighborhood strip malls and car dealerships. Magic behind the mundane. I was new to fishing but bound for glory. Yet somehow the lessons I learned were never about fish.

It's 3:10 minutes long:

Fishing Diva

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Creating these things is always a love-hate relationship. There's sifting through your life to find a story. Writing it down. Speaking it into your recorder. Realizing it's way too long. And groaning at how bad your voice sounds. Revising. Recording again. Being so disgusted you have to put it aside for a few days. Taking another look. Adding a beat. Stumbling on the sounds of the Japanese chaku-hachi flute. Hmm... Boosting the volume in the voice track here and there... Walking away, coming back. Maybe it's not so bad.