Susan B. Price of Cosmopolitan Productions (Rochester NY) was awarded a Third Place Certificate of Excellence from the International Film and Video Festival in their May 1 announcement. The video was done as a volunteer project for Hillside Work-Scholarship Connection.

“What Students Are Saying” is a seven-minute video recruiting Rochester and Syracuse teens into the service designed to keep them in school. It features interviews with eight students.

The project was organized by Glennis Melendez Arnold, a Youth Advocate for Hillside Work-Scholarship Connection. Arnold is based at East High School. She saw the need for a video that spoke directly to students about the jobs, mentoring, and academic success awaiting them in the program. Without a budget, Arnold sought a volunteer. She had been impressed with Price’s previous video “Lucy,” which was designed to recruit parents into Hillside Family of Agencies’ parents-as-partners activities.

The video was entered into the festival in the category of Public Relations: Non-Profit Organization, under the label of Lucy Productions. The U.S. International Film and Video Festival's awards competition, founded in 1968, is one of the world's leading international events devoted exclusively to the yearly selection and recognition of outstanding Business, Television, Documentary, Entertainment, Industrial, and Informational Productions. Festival headquarters is in Redondo Beach, California. This year there were 1500 entries from 28 countries. (See also:

Cosmopolitan Productions is a new two-woman micro-business owned by Susan B. Price and Maria Cristalli. Continuing their commitment to good causes, their services will be auctioned off at Zoobilation 2003, a fundraiser for the Seneca Park Zoo. Visit their website ( ) to preview other short films produced by Cosmopolitan Productions.

For more information: Susan Price 752-4496 or Maria Cristalli 749-1994