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Cosmopolitan Productions - Sheila Peters

How exciting it is to meet an artist finding her vision. After years of creating beauty in the art of cosmetology, Sheila has begun to make her mark in the world of fine arts. This video was commissioned, in part, to celebrate Sheila's participation in the ESL Animal Scramble. Her polar bear will be seen in Marketplace Mall, Victor NY, starting in May 2003.

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Visuals. Digital video, souped up in Adobe After Effects and edited in Adobe Premiere. Photos edited in Adobe Photoshop.

Narration. Sheila Peters, as interviewed by Maria Cristalli. Edited in SoundForge.

Music. Composed with Acid Pro, using royalty-free loops.


Sheila Peters Studio. Artisan Works Building, 525 Blossom Rd, Studio W, Rochester NY 14610

Nocturna.Net, for some of the grunge brushes used in the graphic above.

Cosmopolitan Productions