5642 Theodosia Av, St Louis MO. Drawing by J. Patrick Price.

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Price Family House on Theodosia

I ran across J. Pat Price's drawing of the Theodosia house, along with notes that my dad WTP left for us. I couldn't resist sharing to the archives.

In 1920, Bridget Dunne and Walter Price began their married life at 1432 N. Kingshighway, sharing a rented duplex with their older siblings "Auntie" Helen Dunne and Ernest Price. Business at WJ Price & Sons carpentry was booming. Time to buy a home! They responded to this ad, published in the Sunday Post-Dispatch on February 24, 1924—a hundred years ago!

Classified ad for 5642 Theodosia, St. Louis MO

From what I can gather, the house was built around 1910.

According to WTP [see transcript below]:

Notes by Walter T. Price

Times were very good for the Prices. After Mom and Dad married, Jack and Curly were born in a flat on Kingshighway (southeast corner) [no longer there]. Bill was born on Theodosia where Mom and Dad had purchased a home in 1924.

It was an "open" house where love and laughter prevailed. Neighbors and particularly the neighborhood children felt free to come and go. We played "ball" and we played ball and we played ball.

The "gangway" a public walk, ran along side of our home. A steady stream of people from the two blocks north used this to go to Easton Avenue [now Martin Luther King Drive] which teemed with every type of store you could imagine.

The enclosed back porch was finished to add another bedroom as the Price family expanded to five children.

This old house was the site of many celebrations. And every grandchild born before about 1957 has memories of toddling around the house and neighborhood.

Here's a photo (with an unsightly and unwelcoming chainlink fence addition) taken some time during the 1970s, long after the Prices left. At some point between then and now, the house was razed.

16 Apr 2024

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