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In this engaging travel memoir, Susan reminds the 85-year-old Jim of their 1992 adventure in northern Pakistan and Islamic western China -- a journey both harrowing and hilarious. A must-read for lovers of middle-age rejuvenation and discovery.

They took off for Central Asia without really thinking it through. There was a highway after all, between Rawalpindi, Pakistan, and Kashgar, China. It would take them to the largest Sunday market in all of Asia.

They were salaried professionals by day, but nurtured dreams of alternative lives: she, to write art crime thrillers; he, to trade in art and antiquities. Traveling the ancient trade routes was their idea of romance.

And so, they became strangers, alone together in a timeless landscape. Every day brought new challenges. And their lives were changed forever.


The venues described in Headlong provided the colorful backdrop to the novel Passion and Peril on the Silk Road: A Thriller in Pakistan and China. Check it out!

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