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Saturday, 12.31.05: YEAR IN REVIEW

This year was certainly different from last year.

Last year I was optimistic about Cosmopolitan Productions -- we did several productions and exceeded our financial goals. But then it died. I can't blame it all on Maria's job. I made several starts on good little indie projects for both video and radio, but didn't complete anything. We did manage to eek out one video -- for the zoo -- as a public service.

Part of the answer is that I was consumed with setting up our ebay store. I discovered I loved "shopkeeping." I even documented the start-up pretty well, but never turned it into the Ebay 10th Anniversary radio production I thought was such a bright idea.

Happy diversion -- Putting together their family histories became a hobby for my parents. They'd visit cemeteries, libraries, and contact relatives for bits and pieces. I was moderately interested. But this year I stepped in for my dad in tracking down info. It brought out the Nancy Drew in me and was something I could team up with my mother on.

Between finding formats for family history and messing around with art presentations I spent a lot of time on the craft of Mad In Pursuit -- how it looks if not the quality of my writing. I designed a website for my friend Joanne, whose new business Intrinsic Wisdom is just getting off the ground. I'm parlaying some of my new skills into tutorials. They won't set the world on fire, but it's a way of being out there. In a moment of artistic enthusiasm I tried to initiate another blog, Redesigning. It was too much to keep up with and nobody came, so I turned the domain name into the portal for my tutorial and learning histories page.

So... the year was good for creating new identities for myself and building new skills, but...

Travel -- low key. Beach holiday in Cozumel. Real world adventure-seeking got diverted into home improvements.

After blogging my heart out in 2004, I burned out on politics.

Family -- a good year for getting closer to my family but very sad to say goodbye to my dad. I maintained some old friendships but didn't do well at making new ones -- I get too contented playing by myself.

Resolutions & Goals

Keep up the good work at ebay.

Finish some productions and get them seen/heard.

Promote my presence at Mad In Pursuit/Redesigning.

Connect with some new people.

Try to have an impact. (I got appointed to the Sounding Board on the local newspaper again. 2006 will be an important election year.)

Overall, I have to get my busy-ness to add up to something. I need to put together a scorecard with some milestones and deadlines. Sometimes that works for me.


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