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Tuesday, 12.31.04: The Year in Review

Time to take a moment and reflect on this year. It was an important one because last December I abandoned my job of 24 years, as well as a 33-year commitment to causes in adolescent health and human services. Poof! Last year at this time I was facing a giant pile of books and personal belongings that had been living in my work office. And I was facing the fact that I had nowhere to "go" every day.

My goal for 2004: to pursue a two-part second career. Part 1: explore my creative side as a maker of small films. Part 2: put my organizational skills to work in being the chief curator/sales person for the vast Zimmer/Price collection.

Overall, it was a fun and productive year. Lots of progress made on the new career, but I also see lots of loose ends and question marks for the future.

Smart things I did:

  • Hired a financial advisor, who helped us work through all our money management issues and reorganized my retirement accounts, and who got me set up with long-term care insurance.
  • Started writing every day -- at first, privately, then back to my web site, where more self-control is required.
  • Rejoined the health club and got hooked on yoga and Pilates.

Moviemaking. Our little film production company did better than expected, pretty much meeting all our goals. I also branched out into independent radio production -- lots of fun, with a great online community, though not a place to make money. The year ahead is a question mark. For some reason, I'm stalled out. I need a local community of filmmakers (and artists and writers) to interact with. I was more gung-ho about networking last year, but let it go. Some get-out-and-network RESOLUTIONS needed here.

Craftwise, I also need some resolutions. I have jumped around between radio (voice, sound), animation (making drawings move), and writing (screenplays and blogs), while also pursuing just-in-time learning around lighting and cinematography. I guess this is okay for my first year as an artisan, but at the moment it feels too much like dabbling. I need to come up with an independent production that weaves these threads together OR start working on mastery in one area.

Curator/sales. I thought I would make more progress here, but the moviemaking and radio stuff did keep me pretty busy. What sales I've done have focused on cleaning out the underbrush -- selling things we forgot we had. Since our financial situation is better than expected, there has not been much incentive to worry about selling valuables. But I need to keep up the momentum. To find a good home for all the neat stuff we've accumulated might require a couple of decades.

The usual. I gained 5 lbs. Drat. How could that happen when I've been exercising so diligently? No, it isn't "muscle."

My goals & resolutions for 2005: Stay tuned...