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Tuesday, 1.31.06: Logo by Illustrator

All right, last Tuesday I gave myself the Illustrator challenge. Could I learn enough of the secret handshakes to do something productive and halfway creative?

I brought my books to the jury room and studied between witnesses and practiced when I got home. My product was a proposed new logo for Cosmopolitan Productions:

It's a pretty simple design for Adobe Illustrator experts but, for me, every square millimeter required hairpulling frustration -- not to mention the Kissables consumed in the process.

I don't know what happened to the disks full of clip art I used to own -- they are probably all the wrong format by now anyway. But I figure I can find just about anything I need in the shelves and closets of my magical household. So the globe was pieced together from tiny drawings on some old airmail envelopes Jim had.

The Cosmo ladies were my final addition. I was digging out some stuff to sell yesterday and came upon a magazine that Jim must have given me during my deco period: "Fashions of the Hour" published by Marshall Field & Company in 1928. It was full of stylish pairs of women, certainly skinnier than Maria or I -- but we're talking Vision here, not fleshy reality.

I'm not sure if the final product is a winner or not -- it certainly adds punch to my draft of a new Cosmo web page -- but now my other little graphics look so humble and dull. They are begging for the sharp Illustrator treatment...

Another day, another project...




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