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Friday, 2.17.06: Sisters (Or, Baby Gets A Lesson)

Cartoon | PDF Version

A few months back, my sister Kathleen told me a quirky little story about herself and the influence of her two older sisters.

It caught my imagination. I thought it would make a good animated cartoon, but I cooled my ambitions and decided that simply drawing it out comic-book style would be challenge enough.

This became my Adobe Illustrator practice project.

Maybe you should check it out now to see if you can "read" it. I tried to draw it with as few words as possible.

I wasn't always the most tolerant of big sisters, but apparently I managed to utter a few words of inspiration. By a twist of infant's logic, Kathleen decided she'd grow up to be a bird. It was only after she grew frustrated with her lack of progress that she took our middle sister Ellen into her confidence. Ellen was the one to smack Kathleen back to reality. It's a tale of the inevitable minor tragedies of growing up.

I went out with some girlfriends last night and showed them this. Two of my friends grew up at the tail end of large families and they asserted that "the baby" has only one defense against the atrocities of their older siblings. Thus, they gave me the final line.




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