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Source of Inspiration

When you need a creative solution or when you have to decide a course of action, where do your answers come from? From the outside: Are your prayers answered? Does your muse speak? Or from the inside: Do you dig deep within you? Do you look into your heart?

I've had conversations about this. Some people pray or find a path of action by meditating in a sacred place. Pat D. found the path to saving her marriage by inspiration from a stained glass window at church. Murrah found his spirit guides in the wilderness.

A humanist like Ann G has talked to me about how running opens her mind and enables her to write fluently afterwards. It makes her think about the ideas coming from somewhere other than herself.

Now me. I can clear my head by going on a walk or sitting by a stream. I can get stimulated by visiting a museum or watching a movie. But my metaphor is always about digging down inside me, teasing the answers out of my reticent brain cells or out of my creative spirit (my soul?). I'm not an "out there" person.

In some religions and philosophies, the ability to tap into the universe outside yourself is an advanced spiritual skill. Does this matter to me? Is it just about metaphors or am I spiritually or creatively stunted? A clever hack. Something to think about as I start the day.



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