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Saturday, 5.13.06: Week In Review


1. Radio script. Goal: WORK SPECIFICALLY ON THE DIALOGUE (as the artists say) between my voice and the microphone. Complete for review by others by next Saturday. DONE! My only reviewer was Jim, but I will debut the production in tomorrow's entry, for friends and family. I also went ahead and pitched my 7-minute extravaganza to Weekend America, a national public radio show, which was my target. ("Pitching" comes before "submitting" -- a 5-sentence synopsis only.)

This production was an interesting journey. My impulse was to make the writing very metaphorical with various favorite literary allusions -- stuff that seems to work in writing, but not so much in narrated stories. And then I had ambitions for all kinds of sound complexity. In the end, I think I told a straightforward story, with fairly simple musical scoring.

2. Finish my presentation of the Sackett-Mason family. Did NOTHING on this again.. CONTINUE, maybe,,,


Ebay. Still sluggish. I need to get some auctions going.

Vacation. Finally, settled on a plan, combining a family visit with tourism. We usually barrel to St. Louis on the most boring Interstates this side of Kansas: turn left at Cleveland, turn right at Columbus, 800 miles, boom. So, with Jim's new little Corolla, we will meander through Pennsylvania, West Virginia, and Tennessee on secondary roads. We're also arranging for Hermanita to go to "camp" at the local bird store -- should be more fun for her than the back room at the vet's.

Healthcare. I've had tinnitis in my ears since a cold in early March -- a gentle hissing sound, like a gas burner, not as pronounced as an aspirin overdose. My primary care team didn't do much except flush some wax out and tell me my hearing is normal, but they took me serious enough to give me an audiology and ENT referral -- end of May.

Family history. Used my brain-dead time to do some more exploring of the Newham branch (Dad's paternal grandmother) and updated their pages. Intriguing: the data suggests that Sarah's mother was born out of wedlock and raised in her grandparents' house. Then apparently one of Sarah's siblings also had a child out of wedlock, who was raised by her parents. Got me looking into illegitimacy in England during the mid-19th century. Looks like it was a big issue, with a high prevalence in the counties where my ancestors lived (1 out of every 5 live births). Lots of legal attention was given to who had to take responsibility for the child. Interesting.


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