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DISPATCHED FROM THE CROSSROADS, AT THE intersection OF drunk & delirious


Maria kicked off the party era in her new house yesterday with a multi-generational pool fest.

Personally, I drifted quickly into a gentle cosmo buzz. It was great to see all my old pals. I have to confess that I spent most of the afternoon before the party organizing the playlists on my iPod and adding in some old classics — just in case music was a forgotten detail. My "Soul" playlist turned out to be popular.

I'm used to meeting up with these pals at all-girl margarita parties. Adding in crusty middle-aged men with adolescent hearts and a pool changed the dynamics altogether. A little let's-pretend-we're-joking drama unfolded between a couple of the men and resulted in one of them being pushed into the pool in full street dress, with cell phone. Not a pretty picture.

I decided I better get my swim suit on, which I did in the nick of time before I got shoved into the pool by a male pair of hands. Too bad I was still wearing my new glasses. A boy named Ryan dove to the 12-foot bottom and retrieved them — my hero forever.

The pool was fun, actually. When I got out I strutted around it with my iPod in its loud iMotion as if a were a ghetto kid with a boom box. I shudder to think what I looked like, except, since I couldn't see (glasses stowed away), I figured no one could see me either.

I would say a good time was had by 98% of the crowd — all except for the guy who got his cell phone ruined and then lost his car keys.

I dyed my hair dark red last week — just for fun and because the blond/brown was making me look washed out. This morning it is orange — a nice fright wig to go with my headache.


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