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Age of Aquarius?

Is this the dawning of the age of aquarius? The peacenik hippies of the Sixties thought our generation would take us there. And during the Clinton years I thought we had a toehold in changing history — that the human race had finally figured out ways of dealing with its dark side. Was that an illusion all along?

Two competing strains of thought this week: Joanne gave me a copy of Anodea Judith's "Waking the Global Heart: Humanity's Rite of Passage from the Love of Power to the Power of Love." Then we watched "Syriana."

From what I've read so far, Anodea takes all my favorite philosophies and paints a powerful portrait of the dawning of a new epoch for humankind, as we cross the threshold from a world dominated by the male spirit to one reclaimed by the female spirit.

On the other hand, "Syriana" tells us the world is a tangled web of corruption — ideals hopelessly enmeshed with opportunism. The same self-organizing and evolutionary principles that Anodea embraces in the "spiraling feminine," can be equally applied to evildoers. We no longer need a Hitler or a Stalin to apply his iron fist to world domination. Look at al Qaeda. Radicalism and hatefulness have become self-perpetuating. Look at the oil business and corporatism in general. Chasing a buck at any cost has spawned its own intricate and robust form of world government.

It isn't easy to be optimistic.


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