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Saturday, 7.15.06: Week In Review

It was a gloomy week, what with the world going to hell and all. On Wednesday we had the biggest rainfall in a hundred years — a relentless soaker. We went to the funeral for the mother of a friend of ours and also found out that Jim's longtime boss and international travel compatriot (and my shortime boss and friend), Bob B. had passed away at the age of 87. One cousin-in-law had surgery for lung cancer; another started treatment for throat cancer. Bleh.

Home improvement. We bit the bullet and replaced our central air conditioning system and added a humidifier to the furnace. Unglamorous.

Ebay. The dead zone. Got some auctions going but they aren't doing much.

Radio. Kicked myself in the ass to post my "Midlife Web Diary" on the Public Radio Exchange and was rewarded by having it licensed immediately by a station in Minneapolis-St Paul. No more action since. No reviews yet. Also submitted a short piece to the Third Coast Festival ShortDocs event. At least I feel like two projects were completed this week.

Video. I was contacted by the Theater Department at NTID* again to do the video catalog for their course offerings. It's not the most creative job, but I do get paid for it.

Long-lost relatives. Sometimes my genealogy postings pay off with a contact. This week I heard from my (step) grandfather's grand-niece, who is living in Colorado. Her mom, who lives nearby, was a girlhood pal of my mom's. She must be one of the few people left of that generation who enjoyed the hijinks out at Castlewood. I decided to give Ewald's siblings their own page.

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*NTID = National Technical Institute for the Deaf, at Rochester Institute of Technology