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zazen 3: juggling

Courage and fear go hand in hand.

While I ponder Oneness with the Universe, I remember my nephew Patrick juggling — totally Being, totally Present, totally In The Moment.

My sister Kathleen sent me her list of juggling benefits and philosophy:

Improved Creativity

Stress Reduction — relaxing and opening the right brain helps the body de-stress

Facing a challenge — meeting it and mastering it is the core of building confidence

Juggling breaks down barriers, insecurities, divisions, and hierarchy-powerful in building teams

Teaches empathy and intuitive skills In order to juggle


The balls do not have minds of their own — they only go where I throw them

Juggling is about timing, rhythm, focus and vision. So is life.  

IF I can't get the third ball out of my hand, I've got some CONTROL issues.

Juggling is SERIOUS fun.  

Juggling is effortless focus and relaxed concentration.  

Flexible thinking — the success to juggling.

Courage and fear go hand in hand.

Holding a juggling ball in my hand reminds me of all my childhood failures. That I never hit a softball. That I never caught a softball. That I never made a basket during a basketball game (except for one amazing foul shot). That the only time someone threw me the basketball, it hit me in the face and broke my glasses.

Does it matter that, as an adult, I learned to ski with pure pleasure on almost any terrain? Does it matter that I learned to place a fishing line where I wanted it to go, once I realized I had to actually look at the target and not at the fishing pole?

I guess this means I need to get out those unused juggling balls and face the inner geek.