mad in pursuit journal

DISPATCHED FROM THE CROSSROADS, AT THE intersection OF happy and hungover


I have an official hangover this morning. Last night was the "grand opening" of our remodeled living room with a long-delayed meeting of B.O.R.E.D., my group of 5 women friends (incuding myself) who share an important chunk of our careers and who have never, ever been bored.

We actually had an agenda: something about the gap between aspirations and reality in the areas of men, youth/beauty, and home improvements. What else? Jim made himself scarce.

We did cover the above topics, but the strongest vote was around whether Maria should buy a chihuahua. NO!!!!! Bad enough to sucumb to her son's demand for a dog, when it's the last thing she needs. Worse, to get a nasty little chihuahua as if choosing a tiny dog is a compromise between no dog and a golden retriever.

It was great to have a circle of girl talk. I made lasagna, which turned out good, and used all the great china, silverware and stemware. IPod played the blues.

And then it was great to have Jim come down and help with the clean up

I drank cosmopolitans, with a red wine nightcap. This meant a restless night's sleep and a big head this morning. But it was worth it.