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Saturday, 2.10.07: Week In Review

Synchronicity: a meaningful coincidence. Not just a happenstance, but the expression of some underlying pattern or dynamic. [Carl Jung]

A bustling week on Planet Susan. No, we didn't get the 7 feet of snow that fell just east of here in Oswego.

Saturday-Sunday. Did mostly ebay stuff. Scanning prints, getting some auctions going.

Synchronicity. Wed was a strange day where everything seemed connected and weird. Working on a violet Tibetan "goddess" image for Joanne... jumped to scanning postcards from Viola who traveled into the Himalayas... at the request of a PhD student who thought she might be the wife of the man he is studying... and I later find out his study subject is a strange "white lama" who spent time in Tibet. And suddenly I'm drawing the little figures for my own project... which I'd been resisting in the first place... a violet-Viola-Third Eye breakthrough.

Third eye: one of the seven primary chakras, located mid forehead. Develop for better visualization, increased psychic perceptions, and better creativity.

As if that weren't brain fever enough... I decided to have my glass of wine at 1:00 instead of 3:00... flip on the TV... and there is the movie "Mrs. Parker" about the slurring sad end of Dorothy Parker, whose brilliance succumbed to alcoholism... hmm, no more wine for this day.

Mammogram on Thursday. Good for another year.


Pandora Project. Plugged away at finishing an analysis of my script. Now I need to draw. Switching from left-brain to right-brain activity is always hard for me. After all the work I did in my cartooning class, I decided I'd prefer less realistic, more "iconic" characters... we'll see how THAT goes.

Another project: got my annual gig with the National Technical Institute for the Deaf Theater Department — 10% creativity, 90% editing and layout to produce 6 DVDs. Good for keeping certain skills sharp.

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