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The Buddha and Kitty Mom

I'm learning about Tibetan Buddhism. There is no "God," only enlightened teachers (like Buddha, Jesus and Mohammed). There was no moment of Creation. Everything simply IS — always was, always will be. There is only NOW. Everyone is infinitely connected to everyone else. Reality is bliss. It is only our delusions about reality and our petty egos that make us suffer.

And finally: what goes around, comes around. If we have a good life, it's because we were good in a past life. If we are self-centered and ego-driven in this life, our next life won't be so hot.

All this interconnectedness means that it's in your best interest to be nice to other people. Self-preoccupation does not produce self-satisfaction.

In fact, we are so infinitely interconnected through time and space that everyone we meet was once our mother in a past life. Everyone we meet was once our child in a past life.

Hmm... that's a lot to digest.

Coincidentally, my mother asked if I remembered a song that our great teacher Kitty Mom used to sing. I don't remember it directly, but out of the mists of time, this morning I can bring you my grandmother singing it to us.

Kitty Mom advises us to Love Thy Neighbor.