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Revised Writing Resources

I spent yesterday in web page hell — a destination of my own making.

Since I wrote yesterday's "10 Tips on Organizing Reports" I decided to combine it with another little cluster of writing resource pages and update them all with a revised look.

Reorganizing web pages on an "organically grown" site like mine is like upgrading the plumbing in an old house. Every time you think you've fixed something, another leak spouts. "CSS Stylesheets" are what drive the look of my pages. Converting a page from one stylesheet to another is more complicated than the books lead you to believe — trust me.

So now, as of 7 AM, the Writing Savvy section of my Redesigning page contains....

Life, the Website: Writing a Public Diary (learning history 2.17.01). My classic—outdated now... must do something about the colors. Borrow trouble and revise the format?

Mind Chatter from Writing Class (learning history 3.7.01). Interesting, but not what people usually look for as a "resource." Nice self-portrait. Maybe I'll tackle a format revision. Later, REVISED this morning, with new format and 10 Tips for Adult Writing Classes.

Writing: Memoirs - thoughts and favorite resources for recording your life story. Will revise format but too many little graphics linked to Amazon... a pain.

Writing: Journals - thoughts and favorite resources on keeping a journal or diary including Top 4 Tips for Online Diaries (rev. 3.8.07) REVISED FORMAT. Adding my Top 4 Tips might make this more useful/entertaining.

Writing: Personal Essays - thoughts and favorite resources on how to write essays. REVISED FORMAT. Good advice that I clearly copied out of a book. I could try to turn it into a "top 10 tips"...

WRITING: 10 TIPS FOR ORGANIZING REPORTS — when the classic "outline first" method just won't work (3.8.07). REVISED FORMAT.