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fishdivaWriter's Life: Fish Diva

As part of my "getting into it" ritual I've been obsessively making a log of all my fishing. Things like this transpire when I start looking for one elusive thing, in this case, the first time Maria and I went fishing on the Erie Canal.

The Babes In Boyland entries are incomplete. Not every outing inspired philosophy and some that did (like fishing with Patrick) didn't get incorporated into the Boyland list.

So I went through my miscellaneous journal entries, my calendar since June 2000, and all my digital photos. Luckily, I label photos with dates but my filing system is crazy and some were still in Corel Photo-Paint format, which won't import into Photoshop — so I wound up re-installing Photo-Paint. Found a few pictures I'd forgotten completely.

fishing on canal at Perinton Park

Why getting all this history in order is important I don't know, but it's satisfying to see the chronology emerge. If you're writing nonfiction, facts are important. It's not that you can't get creative with "memory" when you're writing a memoir. But digging out the tiniest fact ("It was a Monday, 7 PM") triggers mood and more memories.


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