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Remembering Lee Ricketts

I've written a lot about my life and my associations in these pages — grade school, high school, college — but I get the most e-mail from the former students and staff of Green Valley School, where I worked in 1971-1972.

Maybe it's because I've devoted so much energy to the tales, with their own table of contents. Maybe because it was a unique place in interesting times, with participants from all over the country at various stages of youthful vulnerability (including most of the staff!) that we want to touch base with one another.

I got an email yesterday that directed me to a video clip at the Pratt Museum in Homer Alaska. It contained the voice of Lee Ricketts, my "father figure" at Green Valley. Lee had been a commercial fisherman up there for many years and contributed a short remark about dying. It packed a whallop for me. I spent the rest of the afternoon putting together information from what I knew and from, in order to post a Lee Ricketts fact page. He was one of those good guys whose influence people remember and respect.

The process also reminded me how lucky I've been to have such kind men in my life.


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