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Device Overload

Recent purchases have left me awash in devices and all their teensy parts.


My cup runneth over. My studio caveth in on me. New camera. New digital sound recorder. Tipping point. Time to find that mythical "place for everything."

Into the gotta-go pile (see photo tent above): 2 Canon Elph film cameras, an old Rio MP3 player (battery won't hold a charge), Wacom drawing tablet, USB-powered remote control for playing DVDs on my computer (never did make use of that).

Organizer bins: Just like those "get organized!" TV shows, I have labeled, see-through Rubbermaid boxes for my tons of A/V crap. Last night I did some reorganizing (see above Gotta-Go Pile). But still my table is full of bits and pieces to find places for.

And still I can think of some things I absolutely need. There are these time when I feel that if I arm myself with enough electronic devices I will be beautiful, popular, and creative.




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