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Walkin' 'n Talkin' with...?

Who do you talk to when you are by yourself (either alone or while surrounded by crazy people)?

After Sunday's entry Ellen wrote me about prayer — a communication with God that can accompany you throughout the day. Murrah also wrote, having done a little research on the word "religion" and discovering at its core the idea of "binding oneself with God."

Who among us don't have our brains populated with "beings" we talk to?

Swami J has a series of podcasts that I found really helpful in understanding various religions and spiritual practices. Religions (I infer) are built around people's intense need for an emotional attachment to Someone who represents the Ultimate Essence of Everything (my term). Others don't need the emotional fulfillment of organized religions and may choose other paths of searching for that principle that underlies everything.

So I'm thinking. Who among us don't have our brains populated with "beings" we talk to — beings we are emotionally attached to? — beings who, for better or for worse, get us through our days?

I did have an imaginary friend in third grade but now I just tend to talk to people past and present who I'm irritated with. Unchecked, my brain is an overheated Letters to the Editor machine. If I were talking to God, I'd be like one of those qvetching rabbis demanding that God explain his decision-making. It must be from being the oldest child.

Some can freely welcome "the divine" into their mental conversations. For me that's a huge challenge. Maybe that's why learning about meditation and Buddhism has been interesting for me. Those practices help you empty out the mind chatter and the righteousness. They clear out the self-made devils and make some space to simply absorb What Is.


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