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my own religion

Back in June, while on the road in Tennessee, I emailed a friend* that I was thinking of forming my own religion.** "I'd like to hear more about that," she responded. "Religion or spirituality?"

Just call me Popette of the Church of Susan.

I must have been on my second or third margarita because without hesitation I responded, "Religion! It's the bureaucrat in me..." There's a grain of truth here. In my old career I was responsible for innumerable pages of policies, procedures, org charts, forms, workflow diagrams and reams of meeting minutes. Want to live in a system? Gotta play by the rules. Can't use your own forms; can't make up your own policies.

See, I do get religion. But I want to be the high priestess. The Popette. It has nothing to do with God — except I would need a God (or shall I make it a Goddess?) who speaks exclusively through me so that everyone would just accept my religion as the One True Deal. Religion without a God... hard sell.

mandala made from a photo of pre-springThis fantasy has nothing to do with becoming a charismatic boss-lady. It has to do with the beauty of belief systems. I'd like to create a gorgeous cosmology — mandala-style, squares within circles, symbol-systems deeply representative of who I am and what I believe — or have discovered — about the universe.

Call it cafeteria Catholicism, or New Age spirituality, or comfort zone theology — the creative expression one's own belief system (not an espoused set of beliefs that dropped off the cabbage wagon with you at birth, but the interacting emerging amazing beliefs you actually live by) is a true and powerful thing to do.


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* who had just returned from a profoundly spiritual retreat

** see 6.30.06