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Shortest of Shortcuts to Old Ballymoe *

My endless paper shuffling and family-tree gazing finally ran its course yesterday afternoon.

We loaded up Herman's cage into my trunk and delivered her to the birdie boarding place. Maria came over to pick up our orchid plant for safekeeping. Flight confirmed. Last conversation with Sinead. My dad's first cousin Carmel will meet us at Sinead's house in Moylough** on Saturday at 2 PM and we will be officially in the country of my heart.

So last night I stretched out on my bed and read a book. Not Irish history but "Refuge" by Terry Tempest Williams. It unfolds in Utah. Terry watches what happens to bird populations in a year when the Great Salt Lake was rising disastrously while her mother was facing death. TTW is a master at intertwining her love of family with her sense of place. A good inspiration for me as we beam over to Ireland.

I'm psyched!


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* Phrase from a song Grandma taught me.

**County Galway, Eire