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Saturday, 9.1.07: Week In Review

Busy week on Planet Susan. I got through the month of August without succumbing to the doldrums!

Sales. Back to my humble work. Took photos of assorted junk and began posting them to ebay for an auction starting Sept 16, so I'll have some action when I get home from vacation.

We're trying to strategize about which collections to try to sell next. Seems like no matter how much we sell, the stuff is still tumbling out of the closets.

Writing. Got into reflecting on college memories. I get caught up in looking at streams of influences in my life. Too much navel-gazing or what I'm meant to do? Time will tell.

Computer. Wound up having to re-install some of my new Adobe software... and still needed to do some updating of the code behind my web pages. Tick-tock, tick-tock.

Social. Caught up with Maria on Sunday: long walk followed by rewarding ourselves at Starbucks.

Tuesday - Sat and talked with the director of the Zen Center and exchanged a few words with the head guy, the "roshi."

Joanne and I were going to exchange some notes on our adventures of the mind, but it wound up being Joanne, Alison, Jim and me laughing on the back porch way into the night. We girls consumed several bottles of red wine in th process. Perfect summer evening.

Arse Or An Elbow Dept. Pulled a muscle in my hip, which had me hobbling around on Thursday, but it seems better now.

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