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Shopkeeping Motivation

Last week was a whirlwind and I'd like this one to be too. In my week's review, I claimed to have "dredged the channel" and got lots of "pleasure boats" out of the harbor. Now I'm faced with those big steamers needing a tow. This means sales and all the boring shopkeeping that goes along with it.

So this entry is one of those self-motivational ones. Some weeks I can indulge my yen for living the art life. Other weeks I need to photograph, catalogue, research the things we need to put up for sale. I resist. I flip on the TV. My mind rots.

Before vacation I typed out a list of about 100 books in a collection related to the history of public health (like, 19th century reports on cholera epidemics and on sanitary conditions among poor people). Jim had all the titles on index cards. Now we have to pull each book from the shelf and I have to accurately describe its condition so we can send out the list to book dealers who specialize in science and medicine. Book terminology (spines, title pages, flyleaves, etc) is highly evolved so I have to take out my vocabulary lists and relearn it all as I go. THEN I have to look up each book at AddALL to see if they have a record of it and, if so, how much might it be worth.

This is humble work. But it still requires brains, focus, organization. It needs to be done FAST so that I am in the groove and so that I get it done. OR I can turn it into agony by distracting myself, doing it in small bits, and losing all sense of flow.

Let's go...


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