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Shopkeeping Motivation, cont'd

Cont'd from Monday>> I'm in one of those Gotta Get Organized! moods. Gotta Get Some Things Done!! kind of moods.

Decided I needed to turn off the radio and TV during my work hours. What is the use of all my zazen meditation if I can't parlay it into a settled mind? Shouldn't it make me content to focus on the task at hand instead of distracting myself with news and politics?

So far, so good. I've been plugging away at our public health book "catalog" -- looking at each book, describing it in bookseller vocabulary. It is slow-going.

I want to get the catalog completed, but... do I want zoom along the Interstate or do I want to engage in the Scenic Byways? The Interstate takes you to your destination faster but the speed and sterility of it is exhausting. The Scenic Byways are slower but you are more engaged with your environment. The books I'm cataloging are interesting and sometimes beautiful. Why not enjoy handling them instead of speeding through as if I were doing my income tax?

Sometimes life and all its external demands dictate what your week must accomplish. You're on the bus or you're off the bus, but you aren't really driving it. These days, I'm in the car, trying to avoid driving in circles, but tempted to hop on the Interstate and get this stupid book list done. But then I realize that This Is My Life. The "art life" I wanted went I quit the Institution means being fully engaged on the Scenic Byways.