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Ebay Prep Day

studio 10.4.07Tuesday I dawdled over my ebay research but yesterday it was pedal to the metal again as I scanned a stack of sale items into my computer. Flat items get scanned but shapely items need photos. So that next.

I'm annoyed that there's never enough room to set up permanent "stations" for various kinds of work in my studio. Jim still has a cabinet in here full of 19th century stereo photographs; on top of it, a lamp and all the pretty little fish souvenirs he has given me over the years. Enough of dusty fish. They are soft box set upnow piled on the floor. The top of the cabinet has been converted to a table-top photo studio, with my softbox and two lamps with daylight-balanced fluorescent bulbs. I can keep my old digital camera on a tripod, set to the right settings (daylight; exposure increase by 1-1/3) and plugged in (so I can use the display feature without the battery betraying me in mid-job). I'm not going to win any competitions with my photos, but they're good enough for ebay. And, if I'm in the groove, the work goes fast.

Got all my scanning and photography done. 43 items.

Next to Photoshop, where each image gets cropped and adjusted for the most accurate color tones (get your whites their whitest!). Then save as .JPGs to my website file and upload them to the internet. 9 P.M.

This always feels like a lot of steps. I still have to describe each item, which is a slow process because sometimes I get off on those research scenic routes as I try to make the best sales pitch.


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