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I'm 59 Now

Index Card ArtThree times in recent days I've had someone look at my work and say, "You have to DO something with this!!"

Just yesterday I ran into Sheila at the supermarket. An artist herself, she was enthusiastic about the little card art I've been posting here. "People love postcards," she told me. "You could have a line of postcards." That kind of cheerleading makes me walk on air -- with my head in the clouds dreaming of the possibilities.

In Richmond, Pat grabbed one of my cards, which featured some sleepy-time doodles of figures in motion. "You could SELL this. THIS! Just blow it up and sell it as is." The waitress came by with more beer and immediately agreed with Pat.

When Carol N. visited last month and looked through my portfolio of old calligraphy projects, she said the same thing. "Why aren't you DOING anything with this talent, this work?"

It gives me such a buzz. I should do it! Items for sale in a tony resort town card shop! I'd be a working artist!

sketchBut wait.

I turned 59 this week and have spent at least 50 years of that packaging up and presenting, working double-time to get the product out the door, whether it was my homework in third grade or a strategic plan for my job. Analyzed the theme, pulled together a look, sold my product to teachers and bosses. That worked for me. While others goofed off, faked it, dated, partied, and talked a fast line of B.S., I was reliable and productive. I made a living. I have a retirement account.

Now. Though I still have to do a lot of packaging and presenting to sell our collectibles, for my creative stuff I want to explore. I want to have fun. I don't want to market myself to create a line of products. A hand-colored doodle on an index card is my product. I'm my own product. Having friends who tell me I'm great is way better than items in the dusty 1/2-price bin of an art gallery. Happy Birthday to me!


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