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Katherine Hepburn: Poke from the Past

Katherine Hepburn LetterFor someone who can spout a lot of opinions about "the simple life," I have a lot of toys. On Planet Susan "toys" means books, computer software, cameras, sound equipment, pens, pencils and paper. My inner parent says this is okay -- as long as I'm using them.

I want to turn some of my graphics into an animation. I want to play with sound. The inner lazy-bones thinks that if I sit and play with images and software long enough, something wonderful will happen. But nothing just happens. Dreamy intentions might generate some thoughts, but turning thoughts into products... Damn.

So yesterday I started where I need to start. Sitting on my ground-floor couch with paper and pencil, writing. Just a mini-screenplay -- 2 minutes -- a page.

On the table next to the couch was a bit of Katherine Hepburn memorabilia, left out from one of my inventory projects. It's a fan photo from her younger days, framed with a letter she wrote in 1976. The letter says:

III-17-1976 Dear Mr. Rolick -- I am not free as I do a movie after the play closes in April. I think you have a very vague notion. Whether it is any good depends on how you work it out on paper. You can't just speculate and interest anyone but yourself. Work it out. Good luck. Katherine Hepburn

Okay, okay.


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