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chakra guide for artists [see updated version]

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So here I am in December where I was on January 1 -- fiddling around with fitting a practical meaning of chakras to my project-oriented life.

Mouseover the thumbnails above to see what they're about.* The symbol colors interfere with legibility on some... later... They look better printed out on index cards.

The idea: work your way into and beyond a project by starting with the "root" card on the left. Figure out where you are going up the ladder... figure out where you are stuck... The words on these "cards" took me a long time to come by and are more personal than the usual chakra literature. The headers are "essential task," "risk of not doing," and "risk of getting stuck [on this step]."

This is a by-product of my current [frustrating] video-making efforts + my index card project + the movie we saw on Gustav Klimt, whose decorative pattern-making inspires me.


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