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In doing my writing for GDTN*I was about to recite what so many aging people say: "No regrets." But then I thought, hmmm... Isn't that just a little defiant against life's realities? A little too Georgie-Porgie Bush-like?

We do have regrets. They are the old ladies who live at the back of our minds mulling over the shoulda-woulda-couldas.

regretsThey can be annoying nags but they are also what make us savvy. The idea is not to let them simmer and stew but to pull their wise old asses along with us into new adventures.

(So why the hell didn't I defy my counselors in high school and insist on being allowed to take some art courses? If I practiced drawing EVERY DAY, my sketches wouldn't look so lame. Harumpf. Ok. Jim's Christmas present to me is a weekly Figure Drawing course at the museum. I'm sure my old nag will be whispering to me, "See, if you only... you could have... you might have..." but I think I'll just try to get a better sketch of her face.)


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* "Great Dames Take Naps"