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Yesterday, for my "art time" I just drew. Paper and pencil.

I can see where artists feel like they are tuning in to a different frequency when things go right. Maybe it's the Divine, or the Eternal, from "out there." Maybe it's from deep within. It must happen especially when they are working at the very edge of their skills.

For the first couple sketches I was totally in the groove. A complicated pose sprang to life. Fantastic!

Then for the next couple sketches, I couldn't believe the crap coming off the end of my pencil. My girls went from darling to ugh. They were too realistic and they looked like slobs.

You'd think things would get better as I warm up, but I think that I lose concentration. As with writing, I find I need quiet to create a drawing on a blank sheet of paper. I get to a point and then I can't stand it.

Below are my "good phase" sketches. Not exactly touched by the divine but not horrible. I want them to have grace (in all its meanings) and style. Practice! Practice!



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