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Valentine Radio

I am nurturing this fantasy that if I keep submitting things regularly to the "anything goes" :Vocalo radio, something cool will happen.

BValentineut maybe what's cool is simply doing what I'm doing, engaging myself in creative endeavors, no pressure to fit in to the MSM.* And (I tell myself), the faster I move and the more I produce, the better my skills will be.

Anyway, I polished up the radio version of "The Valentine 1955." It had been simply the audio track to the video.

Maybe no one will notice but me... evened out the classroom background noise, fiddled with the little music loops, tried to push it all out into better stereo space. Let it trail off for an extra 10 seconds at the end.

February is not only for Valentines but for recalling Black History. I'd like to think this story belongs to ancient history, but we can't get away from it, even in the day of Obama. A young woman listened to my posting yesterday and wrote:

I remember how offended my mother was when I was in the 5th grade and one of my lighter classmates made a comment about how brown I was. My mother was so upset, she showed up at school the next day to have my teacher do something about this. Two years later, she found out I liked a boy darker than me, and forbade me from talking to him.

The wheel goes round and round...


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*MSM = Mainstream Media