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I'm mad that Hillary is crashing. I think George W has ruined it for my whole generation. But (whatever Hillary's specific flaws are) I think Americans have an issue with middle-aged women. Why don't comedians ever make fun of men's fat asses?

Yesterday one of the elites in public radio told me that "no one" is interested in first-person, single voice stories. I've heard this before. "We are most interested in folk who bring us other's voices," he said when I offered him some pieces for his program. This is the media's love affair with the interview format.

It wasn't so much the rejection that made me grumble to myself all day. It was the implication that people are bored by one voice telling his or her story. I've heard that before and it really annoys me. What about the millions of people who listen to audio books read for hours by one person?

The older we get the less interested we are in going out to find an Afghan refugee to interview. The older we get the more interested we are in reflecting upon our own experience and exploring our own family histories. Millions of Baby Boomers will be retiring before long, with the means of radio production at their finger tips. A scary idea, you Gen-Xers?

I'm rambling all over here... but I feel a Manifesto coming on.


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