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Going Surreal

Here is a 10-second tidbit (version 1.0) -- an "ingenuity" that came about on my way to somewhere else.

The Process

Influence: My recent braining up on Spanish Surrealist Joan Miro.

Needing more art for my "Great Dames" animation.

Peering into my subconscious (heh-heh): what symbols (aka "doodles") do I always come back to? One answer: whimsical little org charts.

So I cranked up my Adobe Illustrator and began doodling. Hmmm... could I show the idea of "getting things done" through animation? Better not doodle anymore without testing. That was Friday.

Fired up Adobe After Effects and imported my drawing as 21 layers to move around separately. Oh, Lordy... I knew the basic process, but went to bed Friday night reading up on tips and tricks in my how-to book.

Yesterday, continued pushing my doodads around. Kind of cute. I decide to make a 10-second standalone movie. Added a background. Tried to render it out to video. Crash. Crash. Crash. My computer's memory wouldn't take it. Had to remember some tricks to do it in stages.

Got a Quicktime movie done.

Next: sound! I wanted the pieces to click into place. About 8:15 last night I opened my QT movie in Adobe Audition. No mechanical clicks in all my thousands of sound files! So I used these Barrel Rim sounds -- very avantgarde.

Come on, just get it done!

Finally -- rendered out a soundtrack. Back to After Effects. Sandwiched the soundtrack and the QT movie together and rendered out a Flash video.

9:45: To Dreamweaver for a web page. Import the Flash video into a Flash Player. I can hear Jim coming up the stairs for bed.

"Hey, Jim! Look at this!" I press F12 to get a preview page and hit play. 10 seconds of WOW.


Avant-garde or retro? Any genius could come up with a totally cool interactive version of this, where the pieces would respond to your mouse movement. But I'm just my own kind of genius, happy when all my programs are playing nicely with one another.


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