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4.12.08: 2 Weeks in Review

The spring rain has come to our parched area -- including a thunderstorm overnight. These two weeks were punctuated with my magical trip to St Louis, a long visit with my wonderful friend Pat, a lovely birthday drive with my honey along the pre-spring lake shore, and finally... ahhhhhhhh.... a delicious rainy day all to myself.

Barretts of CatawissaFamily History

I'm still in Barrett-time. Tinkering with my Barrett pages, making a few corrections, getting lost among the internet archives. New:

... My grandfather Tom Barrett joined the Knights of Columbus in 1907, so I had to find out more about them. It was only founded in 1882, with the first Missouri council (St Louis #453) formed in 1899, so he was probably one of the first members when he joined in 1907. Part of its purpose was to demonstrate that American Catholics could be good U.S. citizens. But the primary benefit was to provide life insurance benefits for family breadwinners. And he'd been the family breadwinner since the age of 16.

... Stumbled across his father's City of St Louis death certificate. Frank Barrett up and died at the age of 45. He had been working as a night watchman.

art life

I'm out of focus. What next? Drawing? Writing? Audio? I'm going through my Index Cards to zero in on the Next Project.


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