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Project Progress

What next, right? Yesterday I was designing a chakra portal then decided to get "Great Dames" (version 3) up on YouTube. The Google-YouTube partnership has me intrigued. I was also brainstorming with myself about how to turn (quickly) my radio shows into video (black background, a still, words)... get myself a little presence on YouTube.

YouTube has a Partners program, where you can get paid for your content -- but... you have to show your track record of attracting others to YouTube. You need lots of subscribers and fans. You need to produce the kind of content that says "forward me to 10 of your friends." That's not exactly my profile. I may do better providing a site for others and making $$ off the ad clicks.

Anyway, I'm off and running with my flash flood of ideas. They at least force me to make the most of projects I already have and to reach out to other communities -- always recommended for this contented pea-pod dweller.

Great Dames Take Naps (Version 3)

The YouTube version gives you a bigger, clearer video but it also wants to deliver you to "related videos." Hmm... we'll see how this works out.


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