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Easy Cash! Conclusions

Seems like I spent my desk time yesterday chasing the "easy cash" delusion -- "Put our Google ads on your web page and watch the cash pour in!!!" I tested every variation of Google ad. My conclusions:

  • I'd rather make friends than cash.
  • But having a website that can support itself through ad revenue makes me feel like I'm a professional writer and web-jockey.
  • Most of the ads are pushing crap. Yes, I know people buy crap, but does that mean I have to be a crap-monger?
  • This website is supposed to be about telling my own story, finding my own voice -- authenticity.
  • The stuff I sell on Ebay feels more authentic -- each little item has the tender spirit of an object treasured -- than hawking dubious philosophies and get-rich-quick schemes. (I invite my readers to click away on these, but don't be quick to "sign up" for your free whatever since I think some of the freebies are simply ways of collecting email addresses for spam lists.)
  • The only Secret to Success I know is hard work and self-discipline. And using your head. Brains seem to be out of style these days -- America has apparently outsourced that function to Asia. Most of us prefer a life of Stephen Colbert's truthiness.


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