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I decided yesterday would be an "inspiration" day. I sat in the ground floor study with notepad, drawing pad, voice recorder, Book+DVD of "world's greatest" animations and an array of pencils/pens.

Goal: Video for One-Minute Shift contest -- "share your perception of what shift needs to occur (or is occurring) on the planet at this time."

Goal: use the project to push myself to somewhere I haven't been before.

Over the recent years, my alter egos have been Maddie (smart, bold, nobody's fool) and Lucy (the bright observant child). What if there was a third character -- more offbeat, less in control, better in touch with the surreal?

But what voice would I do? Lucy's voice comes from adjusting pitch settings in my sound software. Hmm... I guess I would have to ACT.

The only other "voice" that I ever used consistently was the Ozark twang I put on during my last year of college (1969-70). It started out as pure mockery of the Missouri outside of St Louis. Then my Cleveland-born roommate adopted it. Then the Cincinnati-born teacher we hung out with adopted it. It was fun (and sort of obnoxious to everyone who had to listen to us) but it also took hold of us. It got to the point that all true words from the heart -- things hard to say, favors asked, emotions revealed -- were spoken in O-zark. I'm just remembering this now... it sounds a little psycho... but maybe a spare persona or two comes in handy among friends... gosh.

So yesterday I picked up my recorder and became "Miranda, from the Heart-land." Kind of an Ozark-Okie-Appalachian philosopher. Whew... She's kind of interesting. The following is just slightly editing raw rambling, looking at a few notes. Sounds like I should be doing a late-night show in the Bible Belt.

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Around about 11:30 AM my creative brainstorm-rainstorm had exhausted itself into a drizzle. Last night I did the drawing above.


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