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Sunday Morning

Here I am on Sunday morning, in the bordertown between Braindead and Brainstorm. So much to do, but...

Started off yesterday getting to the Public Market with Maria at 6:30. By the time we left my bags were full of strawberries, blueberries, little potatoes, big red tomotoes, limes, green & yellow squash, garlic scape, organic/hydroponic lettuce and sorrel. The hydroponic lady said the sorrel was excellent for soup, with potatoes. The sorrel looked so pretty... so I guess soup-making is on the agenda today.

After the market, Home Depot, and the grocery store... and wine store, Jim and I tackled moving the mountains of stuff back into my studio... till he went screaming out into the rainy afternoon. I was left alone to meditate on this Law of Nature: why is it that what you remove from a room never seems to fit back in??? It's like all those cramped-up items unfold themselves, stretch out their arms, breathe in new air... and defy me to wrangle them back into their nooks and crannies. Today: figuring out the stubborn 20% and moving my computer back upstairs.

By 4 o'clock my back, legs, and brain were immobilized. Jim had prepared all the new strawberries and blueberries into a fruit salad. Yay. Dinner: our leftover halves of Panera sandwiches from the night before and fresh tomatoes.

Watched "Scoop" with Woody Allen. Very good.

After that I got a spurt of creative energy and solved a couple of problems with my Miranda production. Now I'm anxious to get back to that.

But first... I have to actually wake up and get my creaky joints in motion.


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