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7.19.08: Week in Review

Two weeks have passed since the last review because we were on the road last Fri-Sat. The world wouldn't end if I skipped a week, but I do go back to these from time to time to try to figure out what the heck I've been doing with myself.

birdSeems like a couple weeks of fits and starts -- lots of beginnings, no finishes. For example...

Two weeks ago: We have a little table I was using as a printer stand -- cute little antique endtable with horribly puckered, chipping veneer. Jim and I sat on the back porch, chipped away and then figured out how to soak the rest of the stubborn stuck veneer off with water and vinegar (and hammer and scraper). Now the clean little table is sitting in the kitchen waiting for paint or... waiting for me to have a craft attack.

I wrote and recorded a 3-min radio story but I think it might be really bad. I had to put it aside for a few days.

Had some great ideas for new animation, did some drawing... sputtered out...

Frustrated that my higher-priced Hollywood photos aren't selling, I started cataloguing a collection of 19th century books with real photos mounted in them -- quite an innovation in those days. (Photography was invented in the 1840s.) Cataloguing books is dogswork -- boring and yet requiring concentration and decision-making. So maybe I'm about two-thirds done.

Meanwhile some of the public health books I laboriously catalogued last fall (and sent on consignment to a California dealer) finally sold and a nice check arrived. So...

I bought an iPhone, but...

I didn't really buy it yet because they are already backordered. So I reserved my place in line and have been fantasizing about how cool I'll be.

But the local raspberries are peaking, so I did make a batch of freezer jam -- that took all of about 10 minutes.


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