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There's something about anticipating travel that gets my mind going in weird obsessive loops over gadgets and tools. Instead of creating art and communications, I start rummaging around for innovation and inspiration. I want to examine all my toys and all my tricks to see what should go into my perfect take-along kit.

(Actually, the perfect take-along kit is a cell phone, a pen and a small notebook -- as I discovered in Ireland. And a camera. Knowing this does not hold me back.)

For example, I discovered that I can take a photo with my iPhone (using AirMe app), which uploads automatically to Flikr along with my GPS location... and Flickr puts them on a map. Now all I need is a group of people who wish to track my every move. iPhone doesn't take the greatest pictures and you can't see the screen in the sunlight, but this is cool anyway. Also cool: the app SpotMe, which generates an email with a Google Map of your current location.

This little mind-venture got me looking at Flickr. Oh my goodness. Nevermind the family vacation photos -- there is a whole subculture of people who post their little drawings. There are groups called "drawing journal," "notebookism" and "sketchNotes" -- it felt like I fell into artist heaven (or at least high school girl arrested-development gel pen doodle heaven). I joined up... Look for "cosmorochester."


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