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Zuzu & ZimCharacters in search of an author

I've been needing a "seed" for another drawing project. Trying to find a companion (and a story line) for my minor celebrity hick philosopher Miranda, but none of my trial balloons take me anywhere.

So nevermind that. I'm preparing for our big fall trip. Auditioning pens and colored pencils to take along. Mindmapping (aka doodling) along the themes of travelling and living in the NOW (instead of having mind racing to everywhere except where my feet are planted).

Lots of road trip stories feature buddies: Quixote and Sancho, Butch and Sundance, Hope and Crosby, Thelma and Louise. And of course, Jim and Susan. So why not add a little imagination and attitude to get Zim and Zuzu?

First installment was yesterday:

zuzu & zim

Has possibilities.

A trip diary? I don't want to make it too literal because I can't draw anything but my little people and a few design-y things. I have no interest in "sketching" the sights. Got a camera for sights. So I'd prefer to do inner landscapes... and aren't inner landscapes just the coolest things?


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