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Getting It Done

coverYesterday I decided I'd be a jittery jumping jack all day and face another night of "outta control" dreams if didn't push my "Passion & Peril" over the threshold toward publication.

So finished writing the summary. It'll never be perfect, but it's good enough to propel me on my way:

Nellie Mackenzie and Taylor Jackson find themselves at opposite ends of the Karakoram Highway. Nellie is headed north through tribal Pakistan, where vengeance killings are a way of life. Jackson is headed south along the desert routes of western China, where smuggling national treasures is a capital offense. Nellie and Jackson are antiquities dealers. They were once husband and wife. Now an unsolved murder lies between them. Making their way across the vast historic landscapes of 1990s Central Asia, their companions are murderers, lovers, and a treasure trove of Tang Dynasty statuary. Everyone on this modern Silk Road is seeking justice for betrayals they’ve suffered. No one knows where their sense of honor will take them. Death lurks at every turn.

Then I wrestled with getting my files in the right format.

Then, holding my breath, I uploaded.

Luckily, I'm my mother's daughter and know how to correctly read instructions. This morning, I got the notice that the files are formatted correctly and I'll have a proof copy in my hands Dec. 11. (Update: the proof is done and shipped as of this evening. I ordered 2-day shipping... so maybe Friday? I'm so excited.)

Why does this seem so monumental to me? On the one hand, it's a low-cost vanity project. There should be no actual humiliation associated with it. Amazon does not post sales volume. On the other hand, it represents an enormous investment of time (years!) and ego. And imagination!

And I guess two weeks is not bad for delivering a project off the dusty shelf to the printing press. I'm reaching around to pat myself on the back.


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