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Brain-Teasing Kuba Krazy

Sketch of Kuba cloth

Kuba Cloth

The other day I did my own version of a Kuba cloth. Yesterday, I decided to LOOK at one and draw what I saw. Yikes. Brain cramp. Now I'm comparing my sketch with the original. Apparently I got hung up on the "rows" and didn't pay attention to the horizontal spacing. I was trying to recreate it by seeing (and feeling the rhythm), not by counting. Somehow that middle area of diamonds got the best of me. It look so simple but it took a bunch of tries to get the 2 rows -- gosh, rusty synapses.

Kuba cloths are oblong embroideries using a cut-pile method, resulting in a raffia velvet. The velvets have symbolic meaning -- tell stories. This one might be something like sky, village, river. Continue>>>


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