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Pat can't wait till I'm done with my inventory/cataloging projects, worrying that I seem a little anxious and cabin-fevered -- implying that I might be a little boring. Where are my lively little animations? What happened to that thread in the tapestry of my life? I wonder... Not having a job to impose its cyclical pattern, every year since retirement seems to take a different turn. It 2005 I made a sudden shift from creative audio and video work to dive into Ebay and into family history research. In the first half of 2006 I was suddenly into radio and putting up YouTube videos. So now I've swerved into curating.

And yeah, it's hard to write creative diary entries when you are living in a world of categories and analysis. I've taken to writing "Morning/Evening Reports" on my blog -- trying to make them an exercise in describing NOW, this MOMENT, rather than some vague philosophical idea. But it's hard to admit that (as I sit here glancing from my computer screen out the window to the woods) I'm beginning to be able to tell the squirrels apart (there's a crippled one who keeps falling over and one with a big bald spot) and that the most exciting thing is following a big pileated woodpecker in the distant high branches.

Penfield NY, Mar 12, 2009Such a quiet week. Walks (see photo at right... yes that's snow) instead of yoga at the gym.

I did manage to polish off a 12-oz bag of peanut butter M&Ms in 24 hrs. How long since I've done that??? Damn.

Eeked out a small drawing (above)... needed to play with my markers.

We watched "Lawrence of Arabia" on DVD (4 hrs, 2 nights), followed by "Synecdoche, New York." Both a study in grand egos, combo of crazed, anguished, obsessed, self-inventing... Lawrence triumphal, Caden Cotard introspective.

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