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Week In Review

2.6.10 Very contented in my cocoon this week


Productive work: Passions

Zoomed along with revisions to "Grand Exits" -- adding a couple new parts, deleting a couple parts I can't make fit. I think I just about have my hundred pages. Now I really have to start polishing -- maybe I'll read it out loud -- and challenging myself to see what I left out. The prose is supposed to be snappy and clever and take you along on a journey... not there yet by a long shot.

Productive Work: Stewardship

Ebay... blah. Re-opened my account for recent books.

Exploratory Work


Infrastructure work

Re-organized my ground-floor "cave" a little. My "deep thinking" room (should I call it my "den"?) also must double as my "packing and shipping" headquarters, so I set up the laptop down there, with my spare printer for shipping labels (though I'll probably regret not having the exercise of running up and down the stairs).

Bought an iPod clock-radio for the den and got into a variety of ambient music to smooth my fevered brain waves.

Energizing Not-Work

Actually my work was pretty energizing this week. Jim and I did get out for dinner though on Tuesday night and I got to the gym a couple times. Reading "The Electric Kool-Aid Acid Test" by Tom Wolfe (on Kindle) and "American Studies" by Louis Menand (on Audible). Rewatching DVDs of "Ally McBeal: Season One" -- ah, the neurotic Nineties.

Next week: Priority 1 -- polishing up my writing project. 2 -- keeping up the pace at Ebay. 3 -- test some drawing to go with my manuscript.

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